On October 26th 2017 John did leave a new question: “Is a house abstract?”.
Starting to laugh I wrote: “Why don’t you answer to your question yourself?”
When I came home after a run, I took a hot shower.
Later I looked at my last post in the group AP, but my stone eating monster didn’t have any comments. Not so in the group ‘pareidolia photography’. The first comment was: “What is that? I don’t see anything!” and 12 people liked that declaration. The next one was: “I see some kind of creature, but not sure what kind.” (8 likes). The next one: “I see a dragon!” (21 likes). Another one: “A crocodile for me.” (16 likes). And the last one: “Some kind of dinausor! Cool!” (15 likes).

Smiling I uploaded my daily photo and called it “Eye”.

365 days later I have to find out if that “Eye” is still there looking back at me.