Evil (The devil is in the details)

Evil (the devil is in the details)

In the evening of October 20th 2017 I was tired and had a new chat message from a stranger.
The first thing I saw when I did open his profile were handcuffs on black ground. The profile said that his name is John (only the surname had slightly changed) and that he is from Sweden.
I got back to the message he did send and it said: “Why are shadows or reflections abstract for YOU?”
Asked myself if anybody on FB ever says ‘Hello’ and if I should not simply block him.
Instead I did close the chat and did post: “Evil – or the devil lays in the detail”

Looking at my last posts in the group abstract photography I saw that an administrator had left a comment under “Let’s go!”. He wrote: “Will follow you wherever you wanna go ❤”. That made me laugh out loud.

And then I started to doubt. What did he mean with ‘why are shadows and reflections abstract for YOU?’. And I started to panic.

365 days later I ask myself if the motif was really evil.