Don’t follow this path

Don't follow this path

In the evening of November 2nd 2017 I finally was admitted to some of the new groups. Did choose one talking about photography. Using the topic “general” I posted:

“Hello! I an new here and I have a question about Abstract Photography. As a beginner and a person who didn’t study art or photography I did read a bit about the subject of and the concept behind abstract photography. I did expect to see photos that are not related to anything concrete, detached in some way from the real world and mainly created using ‘experimental’ photographic techniques (not always visible) to express and show something different and new, or photos that will decompose the usual motives we choose when taking a non abstract photo and reducing them to simple elements like ‘colors, shapes, texture, form, lines, etc.’ But what I found looking through many abstraction and abstract photography pools is something different. So I’m confused and wondering. How do complete walls, flower bouquets, nudes, portraits and photos of abstract paintings or abstract art or an “abstraction” and many more, showing the subject in a very litteral and striking way match the subject? Am I missing something? Or did I read the wrong ‘definitions’ (because to be honest I didn’t find any “definition” but only many approaches)? Is there anybody out there who can help me lift the fog I have in my head in order to get a ‘concrete’ image of what abstract photography is? Thank you very much.”

And after posting my daily picture “Don’t follow this path!” I went to bed.

365 days later I wonder if I will be able find that path again.