Dancing Line

Dancing line, abstract, abstract photography, abstract365, Ulm, ICM

On October 6th 2017 I did focus on a new group I was still member of called “Abstract Photography”.
The rules were the same as before, but with one difference: “What we mean by abstract photography is a photo that is abstract as soon as we push on the button to take it, not after being manipulated and altered by programs on the computer which is digital art. So the objective is to emphasize on photography.”
Can a picture that is posted as taken, posted with no corrections, posted with all its imperfections, perhaps blur, perhaps out of focus, perhaps with bad colors and wrong white balance settings compete with all these highly manipulated and photoshoped pictures around? And that at a time when being perfect, looking perfect, hiding the errors has become a must and a business?
As I liked the idea, I did add that point to my project. 365 pictures, posted as taken, with no digital manipulation. Thank you “Abstract Photography”.

While I was strolling around the group posts I discovered a contest. They called it “Motion”. And of course the picture had to be abstract.🤔 Still being a beginner in the field that was a challenge. I did decide to try out the Intentional Camera Movement technique and to leave figurative elements, because I wanted to find an answer to the question: “Can a picture with figurative elements be abstract?”