On October 24th 2017 I had no new messages from John.

In the evening when I was on my computer FB told me that I have some new comments.

Under “The answer” in the group AP someone said: “Love it!”, another: “Wow, that’s cool!”, a third: “Fantastic! You should consider to post it to the group pareidolia.”
Did read the word twice and thought:
“WTF is pareidolia?”

The first search result I got about pareidolia on FB was “Pareidolia Photography” and so I decided to take a look at the group.
The statement of the group administrator was simple:
“A little reminder of what Pareidolia is and what we are about:
Pareidolia Is a psychological phenomenon of seeing faces (or other things) in every day objects. As humans we look for faces in the most unusual places. The ‘man in the moon’ or the image of Christ in a piece of burned toast, or a cloud that looks like a unicorn, are great examples. This site is dedicated to that phenomena.
I personally don’t want a lot of rules. The culture here is much more important. Please don’t study the rules, looking for a loop hole. If you do, you’re probably not part of this little culture we’ve established, and you should remove yourself, or I will.”

And when I saw the first photos, I started to laugh.
And somehow I suddenly didn’t feel quite so alone anymore.

Past midnight I posted “Contemplating”.

365 days later I wonder if I will be able to find it again.