Cold blooded

cold blooded

Alvin Langdon Coburn’s Vortographs (Part 2)

Coburn’s interest in abstraction led him towards Vorticism. In 1913, while taking photographs for his portrait book More Men of Mark (1913), he met the avant-garde poet Ezra Pound, one of the founding figures of that movement, and the two developed a close working relationship. Coburn produced several portraits of Pound, supposedly made using broken pieces of the poet’s shaving mirror. The artist initially referred to these images as “Cubist,” acknowledging the influence of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. He subsequently made an attachment for his camera lens by clamping three mirrors together in a triangular shape, using the adapted machine to photograph prismatic crystals, or pieces of wood arranged on a glass table. Pound dubbed these images “Vortographs”, acquisitively associating them with the movement he was then spearheading.”

In the evening of December 15th 2017 I posted “Cold blooded“. And 365 days later even if everything is frozen, I have doubts…