Coffee or Tea?

Coffee or Tea?

On December 4th 2017 I started to laugh when I did read the following:

“Essentials to Abstract Photography:

There are three major essentials to abstract photography: Form, Curve and Colour.

The Rules of Composition in Abstract Photography:

In simple terms, composition means the arrangement of objects in a photograph. Many things need to be covered when you want to understand the concept of composition but the two main things which build this are – the Rule of Thirds and No Rules.

The Rule of Thirds:

This means that the image which you are about to click should be divided into three parts both, vertically and horizontally. The focus of the image i.e. the centre of the image should be located in the space where the lines cross each other.

No Rules:

This is the best part of abstract photography. There are no rules that you need to follow and you can still click a beautiful image with your skills and talent. It is not necessary to follow the composition or the rule of thirds when you find an object which you think will be good for abstract photography.

The Art of Subtraction:

Abstract photography touches the emotional chords of individuals. The key to creating good and memorable abstract images is just to focus on one element and remove all the other things which are just adding a lot of traffic! This is called the art of subtraction.

You have to keep the colour, form and curve well in sync to get a perfect abstract shot.”

(“Abstract Photography: The Art of Speaking Without Words“)

And because I was curious to find out how to apply the Rule of Thirds to some ICM picture, I wrote a message to the writer of this article, but to be honest: I never got any answer.

And so in the evening I posted “Coffee or Tea?

And 365 days later I wonder if my mug is still there.