By the Sea

On December 1st 2017 Sora said:
“This was the best information I found about Abstract Photography on the Web. Hope it will help you. But there is also a great book called “The Edge of Vision” by Lyle Rexer. Hope you can buy it in Germany.”
And because Diving Into the Astounding Waters of Abstract Photography was the best link so far, I thanked Sora a thousand times.

In the afternoon I saw that someone had left a comment under “Unlock“. Navigated myself to the group.
A user said: “I wonder why you are posting your shit in our group. This has nothing to do with Abstract Photography.”
And because I had a good day I said: “I honestly wonder which ‘definition’ of Abstract Photography you apply to come to that conclusion?!”
And because my English was probably too bad, he said: “Sorry?”
And because I hate repeating myself, instead of doing so I posted the 31 links defining Abstract Photography I had bookmarked before I started my project plus the 14 new ones people had shared with me and said: “Abstract Photography from 45 different angles. Feel free to add yours to complete the list. And don’t forget to tell me why my shit isn’t abstract please.”

When I came back in the evening I found out two things: 1.) You can post shit, but you better don’t mention that others did, or you will be removed by an admin, and 2.) There are 23 more ‘definitions’ of Abstract Photography on the Web I had missed and many friendly users that shared them with me to complete my list.
After bookmarking them all I posted “By the Sea” and 365 days later I honestly try everything to remember where I found this picture…