The Bride

“The groom always smiles proudly because he’s convinced he’s accomplished something quite wonderful. The bride smiles because she’s been able to convince him of it.” (Judith McNaught)

Good news: It’s Friday!
Bad news: When I tried to upload my latest pictures from the camera yesterday I got an error message on my old laptop: your harddrive is full. Had to buy a rescue harddrive disk to transfer all the pictures to, but guess what?! After 10 hours, work is still in progress.
So today I post an older picture I had on the pad. Six weeks old to be exact. It was an attempt of Intentional Camera Movement on some kind of plant with flowers I don’t know the name off, that messed up totally. But for some reasons I can not explain I do like it and did not delete it.
In fact it does remind me of Tim Burtons “The corpse bride”. At least I can see a bride and her groom riding away.

(Day 066/365)