Sunday, October 15th 2017 was a sunny day and so I went out for a walk.
In the afternoon I was sitting in a coffee shop. Did open the messenger and read the question again “What did YOU create here?”
What exactly was he asking about? Did he want to say that it was not an abstraction? Did he want to say that I did not “create” it?
Did decide to find out and so I wrote:
“Definition: create, kriːˈeɪt/, verb. bring (something) into existence.
Question: Do I only create if I start with an empty space and if I generate, produce, design, fabricate, manufacture, build, construct or erect something on my own starting from zero? Or do I also create if I use something that is allready there, take it out of its usual context and show something different? And who can say that I didn’t take a wood panel and simply painted the lines on it?
Definition: abstraction, əbˈstrakʃ(ə)n/, noun. a state of preoccupation.
Question: Why don’t you simply tell me what I did? Or what it is?”

The answer came a few hours later. He said: “If you did paint it it would be amazing and a painting. Taking a photo of a painting even an abstract one is NOT abstract photography. Definition: abstraction əbˈstrakʃ(ə)n/ noun – freedom from representational qualities in art.”

Two hours later he wrote: “Show me how YOU create an abstraction using your camera. And tell me more about this project. Why 365 days and why “Abstract Photography”? Why don’t you simply read a book about the subject and use the other 360 days for something else?”

In the evening I posted “Bird”.

365 days later I wonder if my bird is still there, or if it did fly away.