On October 29th 2017 I found out that John didn’t hurt himself when going through the roof.
He said: “Following your “definition” a house is not abstract!”.
I started to laugh.
But as I wasn’t in the mood for a debate about abstraction, categories or the terms general and specific I asked: “What can you tell me about abstract photography?”.
His answer came a few minutes later: “I don’t care about abstract photography!” and in addition to his statement he did sent me a friend request.
After thinking for a while I did acknowledge and on his profile I found a homemade photo collection of bound and handcuffed nudes in different poses.
Had just revoked our new friendship when he wrote: “Interested?”.
And because I am like I am, I did send him a copy of my profile picture and said: “Have fun finding a place where you can fix the handcuffs!” and closed this chat forever.

In default of other chat partners, I started to look for groups which discuss about photography in general.

Later on that day I posted “Baled“.

And as 365 days later I have no time to drive 202,23 km just to find out if the silage bale is still there, I will focus on a new picture instead.