“If the solar winds have stirred far off in the velvety night then showers of light –gold and violet. rose and green–paint the sky.” (Kathleen Valentine)

What to do when the weather is bad and you need your daily abstract?  Do-it-yourself!

All you need to reproduce this shot or something very similar is:
– some colorful glass (a vase, or something else translucid. Even juices will do if they are light permeable)
– a lamp (if it is very clear you in your room you might not even need this)
– your tripod
– a zoom lens (bigger zoom range lenses are better)
– your camera
– and last but not least: some time.

Put the subject in front of you. Fix the camera on the tripod. Adjust the camera settings to multiple exposure mode (best high frequency). Focus on the part of the subject you want to take a photo of. Then push the trigger while you zoom in or out as fast as possible without moving the camera or the tripod.

Show me the results 😉

(Day 117/365)