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ARTSY, Warthausen (12.03.2018)

On March 12th 2018 I was on a roadtrip to visit a friend. And if I had to write a book about my roadtrips each one would probably start with the words: “After a few miles I felt a need for coffee and so I left the highway looking for a cheap coffee shop when I got lost…”

And when I get lost searching for coffee I usually end up pulling the car into a parking lot, getting the camera out and walking around searching for something I can add to one of my projects.

And that’s how I stumbled over this artwork.

And whatever you think that it is; let me tell you that it is not!

And now that you are asking, yes I also found a coffee shop not far away from my abstract of the day and even managed it to get to my friend.

365 days later all I have to do is going on a roadtrip to visit that place again…

And in this case I am pretty sure that it is still there.

The only thing I’m not sure about is if I will ever get there, because, after a few miles on the highway, I will probably feel the need for ….