Art Project

Art Project

In the morning of November 21th 2017 Lou had been busy. He added:

Abstract Photography Resigns Reality:
Photography was born as a reliable way to capture reality. After its appearance, realistic painting seemed almost pointless and proceeded to explode into the countless genres we know today.
When abstract art started to appear in the twentieth century, it had a strong tendency to depart from reality – but not in a dreamy way, like the surrealist artists. They focused their attention on reality but using an approach that wanted to detach from perceiving reality as it was.
Abstract photography will never be used to illustrate reality due to its lack of objectivity, and that’s why it is so well suited to creativity and self-expression. If your images are still easy to decode and represent reality too obviously, you need to develop your style more to achieve that essence of detachment from reality while still being meaningful.

Two Dimensions Instead Of Three:
Photography enables us to capture reality in a three-dimensional way (the way we pretty much see it). Capturing a single object (an entire object from all its angles) – in the way Cubist painters Picasso and Juan Gris did at some point in their careers – is a compelling way to achieve abstract results and deliver a clear message to the audience.

An abstract picture will isolate a small portion of a scene (big or small), grab the viewers’ attention and invite them to read further. Due to its generosity, abstract photography can be done with the camera, inside a dark room or in a computer; but it also can be created directly by manipulating film and photographic paper in the way of Man Ray or Laszló Moholy-Nagy. (“The Curious Case of Abstract Photography“)”

In the evening I posted “Art Project

But will I need a new picture, 365 days later ?!