Approach, Wall, decay, abstract, pareidolia

On January 22th 2018 I stumbled over a wall…

Well to be honest I didn’t stumble. I love this wall. I love the colors and the mood and the decay and the pareidolia. No idea if you can see it, but for me there is a dog sitting at the bottom under the rain. He is not very sharp, but if you take a moment I’m sure you will end up seing him.

And because there is a German saying called “Wie ein begossener Pudel aussehen” (what you could traduce with “to look like a drowned rat”), and because my view seems to work with associations very often I simply had to take this picture and to share it with you.

365 days later on the one hand I hope that the poor dog is not still sitting in the rain but on the other I pray for him still being there simply because it would be hard to find a new abstract taken at the same place… So let’s find out.