Today, one year ago, I grabbed the cats and the cameras and left my house before 7 A.M.

A few days earlier we were warned by the mayor and the city of Neu-Ulm, that they found a 500 kg souvenir from WW2 on a nearby building site and wanted to disarm it. Therefor 12600 inhabitants had to leave their houses and to seek refuge on that Sunday morning. And I was one of them.

And because March 18th is my birthday and because on that day in 2018 I was occupied with other things than photography, I did what I usually do on March 18th since I run the 365 days projects: I posted a 10 year old picture taken on that same day.

ANGELS, Burger parking lot (18.03.2018)

So on March 18th 2018, I posted ANGELS, taken on March 18th 2008.

And 365 days later, I post one of the little wonders I found on March 18th 2009 called “Who cares about Physics?”

Who cares about physics?