Alf and the cat

alf and the cat

When I woke up on November 3th 2017, I was excited.

Did start FB and went to my post in the photography group. It had lots of answers!

Putting aside the friendly hints to read books or to google and the not so friendly remarks about my person or the questions what I was doing in this group as not photographer, and overreading the remarks about kids I should look after or dinners I should cook instead of asking stupid questions and the complains about “all these idiots posting crap all over the place”, I started to read the ‘definitions’ some users had posted and the comments telling me that all depends on how you perceive abstract.

When I was done, I did read my own post again and asked myself if my questions were perhaps too confusing.

In the afternoon, I posted “Alf and the cat” as an answer to another users post in the abstract photography group.

Was just ready to close the computer for that day when FB noticed me about some new activity. Under all the comments left by others in the discussion group someone had just added: “If you don’t get answers here DM me.”

Instead I left the virtual reality for that day and started to cook dinner.

365 days later I have to find out if Alf did finally eat the cat, or if both are still hanging around…