“Creatively Approaching Abstract Photography

Step 9 – You’re an artist!

As I mentioned previously, abstract photograph is quite different to most other types of photography in that it’s centred on the artistic expression of the photographer, which is worth bearing in mind, especially with regard to the fact that it’s not always going to be obvious what your shot is of. Don’t expect people to see your abstract shots in the same way as you do. I love it when people have to ask me what the content of an image is or think it’s of something totally different to what it is actually of, because they’re seeing it in a totally different way to me, it’s an intriguing insight into them and their approach to the work. I find my abstract work to be very personal, I’ve picked out that subject, the approach, the angle, the exposure and the beauty of it is that few people would approach it in the same way, it’s a very personal expression.”

On January 4th 2018 I posted two pictures: “Adhere” and “Sh…!!“. And 365 days later I would be surprised if one of them had survived…