Sculptural Effects

Explorations of the formal boundaries of photography have led other contemporary artists to create works with three-dimensional and architectonic effects. Wolfgang Tillmans began making his Paper Drop series (2001-08) by crafting simple sculptural forms in photographic paper, exposing them to colored light and then photographing them. For his Lighter series (2005-08), he displayed the sculpted photograms themselves. Barbara Kasten, in her Constructs series (1979-86), has created entire installations in which the perceptual boundary between material object and photogram vanishes.

Liz Deschenes has created photogram-based installations such as Stereographs #1-4 (Rise/Fall) (2012), in which photographic paper exposed to moonlight is mounted on thin rectangles to create minimalist sculptural works. These are hung symmetrically to mimic the effects of nineteenth-century stereoscopy and linear perspective.”

I did not create photogram based installations but used my camera to catch that “Abstracat” I posted on December 24th 2017. And 365 days later we all want to know what did happen to my cat 😉