365 days (NEW)


Sometimes you are creative and sometimes you are not. On these you are not days it is really hard especially when you run a 365 days abstract photography and art project. Now they say that abstract photography can be found Read More

Abstract365 Project, The Story


On November 07th 2017 I found a message from Sora. He said: “Not abstract.” and did add: “Abstract photography, sometimes called non-objective, experimental, conceptual or concrete photography, is a means of depicting a visual image that does not have an Read More

365 days (NEW)


And because my original picture for the abstract365 project is gone and I needed a new one, I did decide to post this one. Is it abstract? To be honest: for me it is. ;And what is even better: it Read More

365 days (NEW)


Nope I am not cheating on you. This is only a stone wall. To keep it abstract I simply added some Camera Movement and the gate that was next to that wall. And if you think that the result looks Read More

365 days (NEW)


Sometimes you can find more then one abstract at the same place. Found this minimal beauty exactly on the same building I used for last years picture. This time its a close up from the facade panelling with shadows and Read More

365 days (NEW)

Outer world

This is not a table top with reflections. Surprisingly I found this artwork on a door. As I did instantly fall in love with the colors and shapes I did decide to add it to my collection. 01.11.2018