365 days (NEW)


And because my old picture is gone I need a new one… A transparent plastic foil made my day. What you see here is a wrapped flower stand on the farmer market and my abstract flowers of the day. (Day Read More

Abstract365 Project, The Story


On October 29th 2017 I found out that John didn’t hurt himself when going through the roof.He said: “Following your “definition” a house is not abstract!”.I started to laugh.But as I wasn’t in the mood for a debate about abstraction, Read More

365 days (NEW)


Today we had snow and rain and my camera did fall down (and so did I). I am fine but my lens is broken, so this is the last picture it took 😭😭. Lucky me the camera still works. And Read More

365 days (NEW)


Some thorn down posters on a telephone junction box and my new picture for today. It was taken at the same place where I took “Observers” last year. (Day 384/365)

365 days (NEW)


My picture for today.Enjoy your day! And for those who want to know what they can see here: it’s simply a wall made out of sandstone and some decay. (Day 383/365) 21.10.2018