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The barking trees


Yesterday I went on a walk. First one since December. A friend of mine, who was probably tired of listening to my complaints about stupid Humans unable to keep their distances did decide to end my isolation. The woods, he said, are so big that you can walk safely around without meeting anyone! The woods, I thought, also seem like a good place to find trees! Of course, we Plutonians never trust anyone, and therefore never leave the house unprepared. And so, I not only took good walking shoes, the camera and some masks but also my secret survival kit.
The good point about Germany? They have signs for anything everywhere. Even for social distancing in the woods! The bad thing about Germany? Nobody cares about the signs. After only ten minutes my blood pressure was on top. The whole city was partying and walking in these woods. Social distancing? If you want it, you better #stayathome or jump off the trail each time you see someone walk in your direction. Ikea on a summer sale Saturday is nothing compared to these woods! After twenty minutes my friend grabbed a mask and I hiding behind a tree got my survival kit out of the bag.
The climate crisis isn’t that bad after all. With temperatures around 28°C in mid-September people only look a bit irritated when they see someone with a giant pink water pistol bazooka around and oh surprise see no inconvenience in jumping off the trail when they see you coming in their direction. No idea if the reason was the bazooka or the guy screaming and running in front of me desperately trying to avoid the next shower, but who cares? From that moment on this walk was really really nice!

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