... all representations of a thing, are inherently abstract...

About Abstract365

My name is Nathalie, I live in Ulm and I love photography.
On October 3th 2017 I started a 365days photography project. My intent was to learn everything I could about Abstract Photography.
Once the project was over my friends and followers wanted me to go on.
So on October 3th 2018 I started a new 365days project. You can call it the 365 days memory game or the 365 days abstractopoly.
For this new project I use last years pictures. First I tell you everything I learned or saw on that day (365 days ago) and then I go back to all places where I found these old pictures and take a new picture in order to document what can be found there now, 365 days later.
And because it still is a 365days project I also post one new picture every day. And if the old motif is gone, it will be taken at the same place where I took last years pic.
No idea if all this is of any interest for anyone, but it for sure is a lot of fun. And if you come across this page and enjoy the pictures or the writing let me know.
Thank you!
The Blog Section
For personal reasons the projects will be paused for a while. If everything goes well I should be back next week. Have a good time and thank you all for your support. 25.3.2019 / Day 538
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